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LWJGL 3.1.1

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5 years ago

Changes since 3.1.0:


  • Added Assimp bindings.
  • bgfx: Updated to API version 34 (up from 28)
  • jemalloc: Updated to version 4.4.0 (up from 4.2.1)
  • LibOVR: Updated to version 1.10.0 (up from 1.9.0)
  • nuklear: Updated to version 1.191 (up from 1.17)
  • Vulkan: Updated to version 1.0.38 (up from 1.0.32)
  • stb: Updated stb_image to 2.13 (up from 2.12)
  • tinyfiledialogs: Updated to version 2.7.2 (up from 2.6.1)


  • Refactored function pointer lookups in OpenAL, OpenGL and OpenGL ES.
    • Significant reduction in bytecode size (and corresponding JIT code).
    • No thread-local lookup in GL and GLES, even with incompatible contexts.
    • Removed obsolete thread-local and capabilities state Configuration options.
  • Linux: All natives are now built with GCC 6.2 (up from 4.8)
  • Loader: If jemalloc initialization fails and org.lwjgl.system.allocator has not been set, a simple warning is now shown instead of an exception.
  • Structs: Added bound checks to element accessors of array members.
  • Generator: Validation is now required for all data pointer parameters. If validation is not possible, such parameters must be marked as potentially unsafe.
  • The SHA-1 hash of shared libraries is now included in the corresponding natives JAR files.
  • The upstream git revision used to build shared libraries is now included in the corresponding natives JAR files.


  • Fixed loader diagnostics when System.loadLibrary fails.
  • Fixed setters of struct members with optional AutoSize. (#255)
  • Fixed MemoryUtil.memRealloc to return null when the allocation fails.
  • Vulkan: Function pointer loading of disabled extensions is now skipped.
  • Generator: binding.DISABLE_CHECKS is now respected in structs.

Breaking Changes

  • macOS: LWJGL now requires macOS 10.9/Mavericks or later (up from 10.7/Lion)
  • A small number of method signatures have changed because of auto-size transformations that were missing in previous releases.
  • NanoVG: Text functions with an end pointer to the end of the string are now auto-size transformed. Buffers passed to them should not include a null-terminating byte.
  • Added LibC prefix to all class names in the libc bindings, to avoid conflicts with standard Java classes (Locale, String, etc.)
  • OpenGL and OpenGL ES now come with native libraries (lwjgl_opengl and lwjgl_opengles respectively).
  • Removed MemoryUtil.memSetupBuffer.

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