github Kyrodan/KeeAnywhere v2.0.0

KeePass 2.48.1 or newer is required now (was 2.43).
Micrososft .Net 4.6.1 is required now (was 4.5.2).
Amazon Drive support has been dropped.
New Provider: Azure Blob and File storage - thanks to J. Peitsch (@spacedee)
Amazon S3: S3-Compatible providers can be used now (e. g. Wasabi, HiDrive S3, Ionos S3, Backblaze B2, MinIO)


  • #244 Feature Request: nonAWS S3
  • #203 Adding Azure blob and file storage
  • #154 New Provider: BackBlaze B2
  • #130 Add Support to Provider Wasabi (would be included as S3 Compatible)


  • #246 Remove Amazon Drive support
  • #241 [Google Drive] Cannot Authorize (browser not supported) bug
  • #227 "Couldn't sign you in" GDrive error bug
  • #212 Can't connect to google drive account
  • #179 [Dropbox] [Google Drive] Open from Cloud Drive only list partial content
  • #196 HiDrive: Saving to root folder throws exception
  • #89 Reimplement Account Authentication not using internal Web Browser


  • Updated Dependencies (AWS, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
  • Using KeePass 2.48.1 now
  • Using .Net 4.6.1 now
latest releases: v2.0.3, v2.0.2
2 months ago