github Kyrodan/KeeAnywhere v1.3.0

This is the biggest release since version 1.0.0:
Beside proxy support KeeAnywhere now supports four three new providers:

  • Amazon AWS S3
  • Box
  • HiDrive
  • Amazon Drive (not released due to denied App Approval from Amazon)

Full changelog:


  • #10 Access to Amazon Cloud Drive
  • #11 Access to Box
  • #16 Proxy support (with auth) feature request
  • #26 AWS S3 support
  • #52 HiDrive support
  • Possibility to donate


  • #14 Google Drive: Registering new account takes place in default browser
  • #49 After Updating to 1.2.0 account type is wrong, if using KeePass Configuration as Storage Location
  • #50 Long Refresh Tokens cause exception when saving in Windows Credential Store


  • #2 Replace currently used OneDrive client with the official one
  • #51 Improve Authorization Dialog
  • Updated Provider Client Libraries to latest Versions and .Net 4.5.1
latest releases: v2.0.3, v2.0.2, v2.0.0...
4 years ago