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🌏 Adventure 4.17.0

21 days ago

What's Changed

✨ Features

  • feat(text-minimessage): Show ANSI rendering of parsed components in tests by @zml2008 in #1042
  • feat(minimessage): Add target to deserialization for contextual tags by @kezz in #1051
  • feat(api): Pointers supplier by @kezz in #429
  • 1.20.5 by @zml2008 in #1055

🐛 Fixes

  • fix(text-minimessage): Handle larger raninbow phases correctly by @zml2008 in #1041
  • fix: Allow for case-insensitivity in legacy serializer, closes #1043 by @kezz in #1044
  • fix(api): Only trigger bossbar listeners if flags actually changed by @zml2008 in #1067
  • fix(nbt): CompoundBinaryTag#getBoolean ignores false values when default value is true by @kashike in e0edf0f
  • fix(nbt): ListBinaryTag is weakly immutable by @kashike in 2e612aa

Full Changelog: v4.16.0...v4.17.0

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