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🌏 Adventure 4.14.0

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11 months ago

Adventure 4.14.0 is a feature release introducing some long-awaited API additions, primarily focused on component serializers.

✨ Features

  • ComponentEncoder by @rymiel in #899
  • feat(api): introduce a way to get viewers of a bossbar by @kashike in #894
  • feat: allow custom colors in LegacyComponentSerializer by @Camotoy in #906
  • ANSIComponentSerializer by @rymiel in #898
  • feat(key): try to include additional information in error messages when an invalid character has been detected in a Key by @kashike in #887
  • chore: rename static constructors by @powercasgamer in #923
  • feat: add pattern annotations by @powercasgamer in #920
  • feat: add join method that accepts JoinConfiguration.Builder by @powercasgamer in #924
  • Use constants for hex character by @kashike in #929
  • Added legacy show achievements by @LOOHP in #890
  • feature: json component serializer by @kezz in #856

🔧 Changes

As a small programming note, the changes necessary to introduce the text-serializer-json abstraction have shifted things around in the Adventure module dependency graph. adventure-text-serializer-gson now depends on adventure-text-serializer-json. Additionally, adventure-text-serializer-gson-legacyimpl now depends on adventure-text-serializer-json-legacyimpl, and is entirely deprecated, to be replaced with the json version. In 4.15.0, we will no longer ship the deprecated submodule -- any users who need it can continue to depend on the older version. To facilitate this change, adventure-text-serializer-gson-legacyimpl has been removed from the bom to avoid improperly forcing version alignment.

🐛 Fixes

  • fix: Added missing PermissionChecker nullability checks by @4drian3d in #900
  • fix(key): fix combined namespace+value pattern + extract to own annotations by @kashike in #925

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v4.13.1...v4.14.0

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