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🌏 Adventure 4.13.0

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14 months ago

Adventure 4.13.0 is a feature release with several QOL enhancements, support for new 1.19.4 chat component features, and some bug fixes. Happy developing!

Additions ✨

  • Finish adding MM tags for all Vanilla component types by @zml2008 in #843
  • text-minimessage: Add a shortcut for styling tags by @JOO200 in #858
  • text-minimessage: Add a TagResolver for boolean values by @JOO200 in #857
  • feat(api): allow Translators to create their own Components by @qixils in #871
  • feat(api): Add emulated callback click event by @zml2008 in #860
  • feat(api): add support for translatable component fallbacks (#863) by @NoahvdAa in #868

Fixes 🐛

  • bug(api): workaround which fixes #849 by @kashike in #861
  • Make DecorationMap$KeySet and $Values follow Collection::toArray() contract by @emilyy-dev in #862
  • fix(serializer-gson): Ignore empty hover event values by @zml2008 in #859
  • change minimessage rainbow tag colors by @MrKinau in #882
  • bug(minimessage): respect requests to include stacktraces by @kashike in 42ea3df

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v4.12.0...v4.13.0

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