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🌏 Adventure 4.12.0

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17 months ago

This release, at long last, adds API to help work with the 1.19(.x) chat and sound changes, including sending messages with the new chat type system.

Due to the strict lifecycle of message signing, implementing the full chat flow will be mostly left to platforms. The exposed signed message API is intended for use with out-of-band operations like signed commands.

Thank you for your patience!

Additions ✨

Fixes 🐛

  • api: Remove use of terminally deprecated SecurityManager api by @zml2008 in #781
  • api: Fix improper stripping of colors when compacting by @zml2008 in #782
  • bug(#788): disable html escaping and use uppercase hex colour codes by @kashike in #789
  • minimessage: Parsing corner cases with quotes by @rymiel in #819
  • fix(text-minimessage): Don't strip style of text components in gradients by @zml2008 in #835
  • fix(text-minimessage): Preserve non-text components in color changing tags by @zml2008 in #834
  • fix(text-minimessage): Be more lenient with input when stripping/escaping tags by @zml2008 in #833
  • fix(text-minimessage): Properly handle escaped tag opens by @zml2008 in #832
  • fix(api): Catch cases where empty components are not preserved by @zml2008 in #838
  • bug(#792): don't throw on invalid click/hover event action by @kashike in 1c2463f
  • bug(api): fix an issue when linearly building a component by @kashike in 7bb1875

Platform Changes 🔧

Full Changelog: v4.11.0...v4.12.0

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