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🌏 Adventure 4.11.0

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9 months ago

4.11.0 is a small feature release bundling up a variety of tweaks from the past few months. It does not incorporate any of the new API for 1.19 features -- that is slated for 4.12.0, scheduled for release shortly after Mojang releases Minecraft 1.19.

Additions ✨

Fixes 🐛

  • fix negative number parsing for positions by @Machine-Maker in #733
  • MiniMessage: Handle arguments for PreProcessTags correctly by @JOO200 in #735
  • fix: Fixed TagResolvers equality by @4drian3d in #751
  • text-minimessage: Validate tag names in resolver builder by @zml2008 in #771

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v4.10.0...v4.11.0

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