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🌏 Adventure 4.0.0

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2 years ago

Adventure 4.0.0 is a leap forward for the library previously known as Text. Adventure is a cross-platform library that is designed to simplify using Minecraft: Java Edition user-interface elements across all the major platforms. It also adds support for the latest Minecraft: Java Edition version features to ensure you can develop the best adventures your plugin or server possibly can!

The shiny new things ❇️

  • Documentation, available at
  • a new Audience framework
    • entry point for displaying/sending content (messages, boss bars, titles, sounds) to viewers, such as a player or the server console
    • a standard interface for platforms to implement, useful for cross-platform development
  • ability to create and display a BossBar
  • ability to create and display a Title
  • ability to play a Sound
  • ability to use the Translator framework for using custom "server-side translations" in any Component-based content

The refactors 🔧

  • The package has moved from net.kyori.text to net.kyori.adventure.text
  • of and builder methods in Component interfaces have moved to the Component interface - for example:
    • TextComponent.of("foo") becomes Component.text("foo")
    • TextComponent.builder().content("foo") becomes Component.text().content("foo")
  • RGB colour support via TextColor
  • changes to HoverEvent required to support Minecraft 1.16

Platform support 🗼

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