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  • #15372 Support power_on_behavior and switch_type for TuYa TS110E_1gang_1 (@reyko01)
  • #311 Support OTA for Develco WISZB-120 (@ultrabug)
  • #5792 Improvements for Custom devices (DiY) (@ptvoinfo)
  • #17615 Log TuYa Unhandled DP and NOT RECOGNIZED DP as debug instead of warn (@Koenkk)
  • #5781 Support illuminance_lux for Xiaomi ZNCLBL01LM (@desout)
  • #5773 Support more features for Acova TAFFETAS2 (@molusk)


  • #17552 Fix Home Assistant Payload is not supported (e.g. open, closed, opening, closing, stopped): STOP error (@Koenkk)
  • #17785 Fix BTicino K4027C/L4027C/N4027C/NT4027C not updating state (@Koenkk)
  • #16709 Fix voltage, power and current readings of TuYa TS011F_plug (@Koenkk)
  • NO_ISSUE ci.yml (@Koenkk)
  • NO_ISSUE typo (@Koenkk)

New supported devices

This release adds support for 13 devices:

Fixed device detections

  • #5787 Detect SV01-412-MP-1.3 as Keen Home SV01 (@saddukar)
  • #17763 Detect _TYZB01_sqmd19i1 as TuYa TS0207_water_leak_detector_3 (@Koenkk)
  • #17761 Detect _TZ3000_ocjlo4ea as TuYa TS0207_water_leak_detector_1 (@Koenkk)
  • #17762 Detect _TZ3000_upgcbody as TuYa TS0207_water_leak_detector_2 (@Koenkk)
  • #17726 Detect _TZ3000_wbloefbf as TuYa TS011F_switch_5_gang (@Koenkk)
  • #17759 Detect _TZ3210_it1u8ahz as TuYa TS0505B_1_2 (@Koenkk)
  • #17637 Detect _TZE204_cjbofhxw as TuYa PJ-MGW1203 (@Koenkk)
  • #17753 Detect _TZ3000_l6iqph4f as Lonsonho TS130F_dual (@Koenkk)
  • #17752 Detect _TZ3000_eei0ubpy as TuYa TS0002_switch_module (@Koenkk)

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