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Announcing Version 1.1.8

13 days ago

What's Changed

  • Translations update from Hosted Weblate by @weblate in #62
  • Update by @tarbaII in #67
  • Translations update from Hosted Weblate by @weblate in #66
  • Translated using Weblate (Spanish & Chinese (Simplified)) by @Kara-Zor-El in #68
  • Version 1.1.8 by @Kara-Zor-El in #63
  • Make logger cross-platform (iOS and Android)
  • Fix color issue on play button in some themes
  • Make library not have to recheck against server every time
  • Optimized app icons on android
  • Update translations
  • Allow .rar and .zip file extensions for .cbr and .cbz files
  • Removed ability to receive audio Books (for the time being until implemented)

New Contributors

SHA1 Checksums:
  • JellyBook-Debug-arm32.apk: 0a7010088018e6b3a103909cd76da9e70be91104
  • JellyBook-Debug-arm64.apk: 69168063fece0ca7a8f6b402305b9a707a3f4581
  • JellyBook-Debug-x86_64.apk: 9d3e994dca7d948e63d800603a4b52e98503a269
  • JellyBook-Debug.aab: c7cd984ebd156e51ae2c1213703310799d819829
  • JellyBook-Debug.apk: 7d2dc81fa641c372444f658383e7edf3ffae9637
  • JellyBook-Release-arm32.apk: 288d86dd4081adc504096e1f62756c381c3b2ca1
  • JellyBook-Release-arm64.apk: ad6962254a0eda433deb65ae01c2bf06273cfb69
  • JellyBook-Release-x86_64.apk: 51cae67f8c276db9cec419b432949486d1a060c6
  • JellyBook-Release.aab: 456323126968188358a302b6bd6dd47dd0cab3e7
  • JellyBook-Release.apk: 6f1c6c18067776c3cfe38f5f496a31af54c9a2bb
  • JellyBook-Debug.ipa:5e9b8a76ed199712692cef917c99aa7818326052
  • JellyBook-Release.ipa:cf2df9f61546e8a6a736acd3a02a8d839e93b31f

Full Changelog: v1.1.7...v1.1.8

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