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Kandy kandy-link-js-sdk v4.28.0

4.28.0 - 2021-05-28


  • Added a Call configuration check to ensure the SDK is not configured to use SDP Semantic 'Plan-B' with a Chrome version that no longer supports it.
    • Please be aware that SDP Semantic 'Plan-B' is being deprecated. It is only supported on Chrome and only prior to version M93.


  • Fixed a Call issue on Chrome where remote video tracks would not be ended when the remote participant removed them from the Call in certain scenarios. KAA-2628
    • This issue still exists on non-Chromium based browsers for the time being.
  • Fixed a Call issue where a Call would sometimes be Cancelled after answering in slow-start scenarios. KAA-2632
  • Fixed a Call issue where a Call would be slow to enter Cancelled state after it was handled on a separate device. KAA-2632
  • Fixed a few documentation issues to clarify some information.
    • Clarified the information retrieved from the call.getStats API. KAA-2281
    • Clarified a usage example for the Call History getCache and setCache APIs. KAA-2578
    • Clarified that only locally set CustomParameters are stored on a Call. Please see the call.CustomParameter object. KAA-2603
  • Fixed a Proxy issue where SDK version verification occurred for every message rather than only during initialization.
  • Fixed a Proxy issue where errors when creating local media were not handled the same way as non-Proxy mode. KAA-2638
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