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4.27.0 - 2021-04-30


  • Added Call identification to received SIP Event notifications. KJS-111
  • Improved the logging of SDP handler functions. KJS-99
    • In DEBUG mode and lower, each SDP handler function applied to the SDP and the changes that may have resulted.
    • The final SDP is logged with all of the changes that have been applied.
    • The entire report is logged to the console in YAML format.
  • Added a Proxy feature to verify that the versions of the two SDKs are the same. KAA-2622
    • Remote initialization will fail if they are not.
  • Added the request:error event trigger on authorization credential issues. KJS-142


  • Changed how destroy is used to prevent errors when destroying inside an event. KJS-123
  • Fix issue where the app isn't notified and subscription isn't removed when the websocket connection is lost and autoReconnect is set to false in configuration. KJS-60
  • Fixed an issue where minimizing the SDK caused an error. KJS-141
  • Added handling websocket error and close scenarios instead of waiting for the heartbeat to fail to either retry connection or just notify the app and clean up subscription. KJS-61
  • Fixed hmacToken authentication issue where other REST request will not work after subscription. KJS-143
  • Added missing 'Call API:' logs to call plugin api interface. KJS-124
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