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Kandy kandy-link-js-sdk v4.24.0

4.24.0 - 2021-01-29


  • Added explicit warning around the connectivity plugin when using server for the responsibleParty and a pingInterval. KJS-58
    • pingInterval is ignored when the server is responsible for pings. This has been made more explicit now.


  • Updated Logging tutorial to download logs in NDJSON format. KJS-25
  • Updated error messages when an action is performed on an invalid call state.


  • Fixed issue where Kandy.js would ignore a new track if it had the same id as another track on another peer. KAA-2599
  • Fixed a Call issue where the "to" address of a joined call would be incorrect in some scenarios for the user who performed the join. KAA-2597
  • Fixed a Call issue where the remoteParticipant information of a joined call would not be updated for the users who did not perform the join. KAA-2598
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