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Kandy kandy-link-js-sdk v4.22.0

4.22.0 - 2020-11-27


  • Added SDK metadata to call:statsReceived event's payload. KAA-2557


  • Minor documentation fixes.
  • Fixed issue where proxy doesn't explicitely serialize data being passed through it. Solves an issue with Electron 9+.
  • Update the Call MediaConstraint format description to include the "direct value" approach. KAA-2565
  • Fix the Voicemail fetch API description to mention the correct event emitted. KAA-2569
  • Fixed an issue where we weren't retrieving the availables services from KAA-2549
  • Fixed a Call issue where DSCP markings were not being applied on the media traffic while in proxy mode. KAA-2568
  • Fixed issue where call is not successfully put on hold if only one side is sharing video. KAA-2555
  • Added some robustness around processing notifications when we can't find an associated call. Instead of throwing an exception, now we log a warning and continue. KAA-2290
  • Fixed issue where the user subscription was being removed if internet connectivity was lost for too long. KAA-2538


  • Changed call.getStats Call API to return a Promise, so that caller can get the report of the call as part of invoking this API. KAA-2558
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