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This is stable release candidate. Check out ASF release cycle if you'd like to learn more.


Changes since V6.0.0.3:

  • Added automatic plugin updates functionality. This feature requires appropriate support at plugin level, and allows their authors to issue updates easily through unified ASF mechanisms. Plugin updates are disabled by default, you can control that behaviour with PluginsUpdateMode and PluginsUpdateList global config properties (@JustArchi #3151).
  • Added support for ASF downgrade in update command, simply append ! character to the end of update channel (@JustArchi).
  • Added updateplugins command, which allows to update plugins manually on demand, similar to update command that updates ASF - also supports ! downgrading. In addition to that, added POST /Api/Plugins/Update for IPC (@JustArchi).
  • Added initial support for new Steam families. ASF now extracts family members and gives them FamilySharing access to the bot instance automatically on top of the old family sharing system, which is still being used (@JustArchi #3162).
  • Added support for FamilyJoin 2FA confirmation type (@ezhevita #3166).
  • Added ArchiSteamFarm.OfficialPlugins.Monitoring. This is the first official ASF plugin that doesn't come bundled with the release. Instead, a zip file is provided in each release for those interested, with an optional capability of automatic updates explained above (@Abrynos #3160).
  • Dramatically improved performance of loading own inventories by moving logic over to Steam network. This also makes some breaking changes for plugin creators (@ezhevita #3155, @Citrinate #3164).
  • ASF will now try to flash its console window on Windows when expecting user input (@ezhevita #3158 #2998).
  • Added limited support for --minimized command-line switch also for Linux and OS X (@ezhevita #3158 #3159).
  • ASF now uses minimal amount of dependencies for its IPC initialization, this slightly decreases memory footprint (@JustArchi).
  • Latest ASF-ui with new features, improvements and bugfixes (@MrBurrBurr).
  • Updated localization provided by our community (@JustArchi-ArchiBot).
  • Usual amount of other core improvements, optimizations and bugfixes (@JustArchi).

Changes for plugin creators:

  • There are now two additional plugin interfaces: IGitHubPluginUpdates and IPluginUpdates. First one allows you to easily implement GitHub-based updates based on project structure derived from our plugin template, you need only to specify RepositoryName in majority of cases. Second one allows you to implement custom logic for updates, especially those that are not provided through GitHub.
  • There is new ArchiHandler.GetMyInventoryAsync() method for fetching bot's own inventory now. While previous method in ArchiWebHandler remains operative, you should consider migrating to that one for increased performance and compatibility.
  • Asset entries representing Steam items found in inventory as well as trade offers were slightly refactored to add required compatibility for being used both in ArchiHandler as well as ArchiWebHandler - you might need to do some small code edits to satisfy previous functionality. Significant change includes moving EType and ERarity enums to their own definitions of EAssetType and EAssetRarity.
  • We've updated our plugin template with all required changes for supporting plugin updates. If you want to apply those manually, you can view appropriate commit for doing so.


ASF is available for free, this release was made possible thanks to the people that decided to support the project. If you're grateful for what we're doing, please consider a donation. Developing ASF requires massive amount of time and knowledge, especially when it comes to Steam (and its problems). Even $1 is highly appreciated and shows that you care. Thank you!

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