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ArchiSteamFarm V5.4.6.2

pre-release4 days ago


This is stable release candidate. Check out ASF release cycle if you'd like to learn more.


Changes since V5.4.5.2:

  • Added additional bullet-proofing for validation of accounts being announced on ASF STM listing (@JustArchi #2900 #2901).
  • Fixed OnBotDisconnected() always giving EResult.OK as a disconnection reason to subscribed plugins (@JustArchi #2891).
  • Fixed ASF not working with Steam passwords longer than 64 characters (@JustArchi #2903).
  • Latest ASF-ui with new features, improvements and bugfixes (@MrBurrBurr).
  • Updated localization provided by our community (@JustArchi-ArchiBot).
  • Usual amount of other core improvements, optimizations and bugfixes (@JustArchi).


ASF is available for free, this release was made possible thanks to the people that decided to support the project. If you're grateful for what we're doing, please consider a donation. Developing ASF requires massive amount of time and knowledge, especially when it comes to Steam (and its problems). Even $1 is highly appreciated and shows that you care. Thank you!

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