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Potentially Breaking Change: Upgraded from node-sass to sass, and fixed warnings about / division (see #529). node-sass is now deprecated, and sass no longer uses the / operator for division.

If you import Keen UI components from the source folder (e.g. import UiButton from 'keen-ui/src/UiButton.vue), this release might break your project due to the switch from node-sass to sass. There are a few options to fix this:

  1. If you don't need Sass customisation, import from the compiled components instead of the source components. The compiled components come with plain CSS instead of Sass. Here's an example of changing from a source component import to a compiled component import:

    -import UiButton from 'keen-ui/src/UiButton.vue'
    +import { UiButton } from 'keen-ui'
  2. Upgrade to sass in your project, and replace all usage of / for division in your Sass files with the new math.div() function.

  3. Pin your version of Keen UI to the previous release (1.3.2) to avoid getting the new version with the breaking change until you're ready to upgrade to sass.


  • Add new props closeOnEsc and closeOnExternalClick for more control over when the popover closes. See #536.

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