github JohnCoates/Aerial v2.0.5

If you want automatic updates, please install the Aerial Companion app that you'll find directly here:

What's new:

  • Fix potential performance issue on some systems with 2 screens or more
  • Fix an issue where you could see Night videos by Day, despite having asked Aerial to adapt to your time/location
  • Fix sidebar look not being transparent on Big Sur
  • Add a cache for latest location found, for when you go from WiFi to Ethernet only
  • Fix a refresh bug with location services in the UI

Note: Big Sur Beta users, there's an issue currently regarding 3rd party screen savers, check this post on how to get back your settings and cache : This macOS bug affects not only all versions of Aerial, but all 3rd party screen savers.

Note : this build works on both Intel and Apple Silicon

latest releases: v2.2.6, v2.2.5, v2.2.4...
4 months ago