github JohnCoates/Aerial v2.0.0beta2

Please quit System Preferences before installing ! If you want auto updates, please give a try to Aerial's new installer/updater here :

This beta changes a lot of things, you will need to reconfigure your cache settings ! If you want more details on what's new, check this issue :


  • Independent mode on multiple screens no longer working
  • Many, many icons looking wrong when selected, or just plain wrong
  • Sidebar not being loaded correctly at startup
  • And many crashes related to sidebar and video loading

Note: Big Sur Beta 3 users, there's an issue currently with that beta of macOS regarding 3rd party screen savers, check this post on how to get back your settings and cache :

This macOS bug affects not only all versions of Aerial, but all 3rd party screen savers.

latest releases: v2.2.6, v2.2.5, v2.2.4...
pre-release5 months ago