github J535D165/recordlinkage v0.9.0
Version 0.9.0 (21 June 2017)

latest releases: v0.15, v0.14, v0.13.2...
4 years ago
  • A new index API. The new index API is no longer a single class
    (recordlinkage.Pairs(...)) with all the functionality in it. The new API
    is based on Tensorflow and FEBRL. With the new structure, it easier to
    parallise the record linkage process. In future releases, this will be
    implemented natively. See the reference page for more information and migrating. <>_
  • Significant speed improvement of the Sorted Neighbourhood Indexing
    algorithm. Thanks to @perryvais (PR #32).
  • The function binary_comparisons is renamed. The new name of the function
    is binary_vectors. Documentation added to RTD.
  • Added unit tests to test the generation of random comparison vectors.
  • Logging module added to separate module logs from user logs. The
    implementation is based on Tensorflow.

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