github J535D165/recordlinkage v0.3
Version 0.3 (11 June 2016)

latest releases: v0.15, v0.14, v0.13.2...
5 years ago

This version contains a lot of changes to the API. Hopefully, there are no large API changes needed for now.

  • Total restructure of compare functions (The end of changing the API is close to now.)
  • Compare method numerical is now named numeric and fuzzy is now named string.
  • Add haversine formula to compare geographical records.
  • Use numexpr for computing numeric comparisons.
  • Add step, linear and squared comparing.
  • Add eye index method.
  • Improve, update and add new tests.
  • Remove iterative indexing functions.
  • New add chunks for indexing functions. These chunks are defined in the class Pairs. If chunks are defined, then the indexing functions returns a generator with an Index for each element.
  • Update documentation.
  • Various bug fixes.

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