github J535D165/recordlinkage v0.2
Version 0.2 (28 May 2016)

latest releases: v0.15, v0.14, v0.13.2...
5 years ago
  • Full Python3 support
  • Update the parameters of the Logistic Regression Classifier manually. In literature, this is often denoted as the deterministic record linkage.
  • Expectation/Conditional Maxisation algorithm completely rewritten. The performance of the algorithm is much better now. The algorithm is still experimental.
  • New string comparison metrics: Q-gram string comparing and Cosine string comparing.
  • New indexing algorithm: Q-gram indexing.
  • Several internal tests.
  • Updated documenation.
  • BernoulliNBClassifier is now named NaiveBayesClassifier. No changes to the algorithm.
  • Arguments order in compare functions corrected.
  • Function to clean phone numbers
  • Return the result of the classifier as index, numpy array or pandas series.
  • Many bug fixes

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