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Version 0.11.0 (22 Dec 2017)

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4 years ago
  • The submodule 'standardise' is renamed. The new name is 'preprocessing'.
    The submodule 'standardise' will get deprecated in a next version.
  • Deprecation errors were not visible for many users. In this version, the
    errors are better visible.
  • Improved and new logs for indexing, comparing and classification.
  • Faster comparing of string variables. Thanks Joel Becker.
  • Changes make it possible to pickle Compare and Index objects. This makes it
    easier to run code in parallel. Tests were added to ensure that pickling
    remains possible.
  • Important change. MultiIndex objects with many record pairs were split into
    pieces to lower memory usage. In this version, this automatic splitting is
    removed. Please split the data yourself.
  • Integer indexing. Blog post will follow on this.
  • The metrics submodule has changed heavily. This will break with the previous
  • repr() and str() will return informative information for index and compare
  • It is possible to use abbreviations for string similarity methods. For example
    'jw' for the Jaro-Winkler method.
  • The FEBRL dataset loaders can now return the true links as a
    pandas.MultIndex for each FEBRL dataset. This option is disabled by default.
    See the FEBRL datasets for details.
  • Fix issue with automatic recognision of license on Github.
  • Various small improvements.

Note: In the next release, the Pairs class will get removed. Migrate now.

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