github J535D165/recordlinkage v0.10.0
Version 0.10.0 (30 Aug 2017)

latest releases: v0.15, v0.14, v0.13.2...
4 years ago
  • A new compare API. The new Compare class no longer takes the datasets and
    pairs as arguments. The actual computation is now performed when calling
    .compute(PAIRS, DF1, DF2). The documentation is updated as well, but
    still needs improvement.
  • Two new string similarity measures are added: Smith Waterman
    (smith_waterman) and Longest Common Substring (lcs). Thanks to Joel Becker
    and Jillian Anderson from the Networks Lab of the University of Waterloo.
  • Added and/or updated a large amount of unit tests.
  • Various small improvements.

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