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Final Beta Release - Supporters, Calendars, etc.

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pre-release8 years ago

Space Launch Now


A huge thank you to everyone that supported the development of this application. I had no intention of this ever being used by more than just myself and it's been very encouraging with the response i've gotten. With that being said, if you participated in the Public beta, you can claim a Supporter code that will ensure you always have all the features enabled just send an email to

Become a Supporter

Look for supporter only features, limited to small features that will take significant effort. First plan to deliver syncing all upcoming events to calendar and custom watchface backgrounds/settings.

Fixes n' Features:

  • Added In-App billing so that you can become a Supporter.
  • Added an About menu with links to libraries used.
  • Fixed Experimental 'Add to Calendar' feature and added multiple reminders.
  • Fixed width of splash screen text

Beta Status:


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