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Space Launch Now - v2.0.0

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6 years ago

Space Launch Now

Version 2.0.0


Took a lot of time to refine the current UI design, adding color and tightening up keylines wherever I could. Also added a new widget for Supporters - a list of upcoming launches.


  • Added a new Launch List widget for Supporters.
  • Embedded YouTube videos in Launch Details screen.
  • Added option to donate via BTC, ETH, and LTC.
  • Added links to Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Website.
  • Improved feedback mechanism - now have the option to email from the app.
  • Improved general UI with colors and better layouts.
  • Refined layouts and function of existing widgets.
  • Fixed a bug with not displaying the time in 24-hour mode on Android wear.


Check the roadmap on Trello for what's going on. There is also a repository where I have begun work on a back end server for providing additional data follow Space Launch Now - Server for updates.


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