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Android 8.0 Support, Customizable Widgets, and more!

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6 years ago

Space Launch Now

Version 1.8.0


This release includes full support for new Android 8.0 features.

If you are a not a Supporter you may receive advertisements with this version. To support Android 8.0's removal of background services, notifications are now being handled by my own servers.

Sharing from the Space Launch Now app includes a link to the new to better share the launch countdown experience with your friends.


Check the roadmap on Trello for what's going on. There is also a repository where I have begun work on a back end server for providing additional data follow Space Launch Now - Server for updates.


  • New ways to share launches with the official Space Launch Now website.
  • Fully reworked and customizable widgets for Supporters - more to come!
  • Remove all local alarms, services and wakelocks in favor of using Evernotes Job library.
  • Improved battery life with server-side notifications with Android 8.0 support.
  • Updated on-boarding and initial application configuration.
  • Reduced network and local storage (90% reduced - usage.
  • A plethora of bugfixes - crashes, UI, non-fatals... blah blah.


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