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7 years ago

Space Launch Now



Finally able to ship this increment, I had no idea it would take this long. Excited to move forward with development of new features.


151 changed files.
9,802 lines of code added.
5,754 lines of code removed.

And in the end...the app barely changed.

I will still be monitoring those issues and as always feel free to report bugs on the Reddit release thread or at

Fixes an' Features

  • Implement Retrofit2
  • Implement
  • Added 24 hour - AM/PM setting
  • Added option to only notify for launches with webcast.
  • Added additional Onboarding screen for new users, even though i'm replacing this in the near future.
  • Support multiple launches within 24 hours.
  • Architecture to support full Calendar sync.
  • Minimize data usage, down to KB's a day on most days.


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