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3 years ago

Fixing app build issue on F-Droid of version

Changes from release

  • Block IPv6 packets when running in root mode in order to prevent DNS leak via IPv6
  • Fix for IP Detection in root mode - check that network interface is up.
  • Fixes app crash after initial install of previous 1.50.42 version (regression in
  • Added secure DNS server defaults from,,, and also
  • DNS Server selection based on response time
  • Prevent repeating log entries, mainly repeating DNS requests (see dnsfilter.conf setting "repeatingLogSuppressTime")
  • Change of android application label to "personalDNSfilter"
  • Added retry for UDP requests
  • Adding new dnsfilter.conf setting "routeUnderlyingDNS" (default false) for routing all detected dns servers of the underlying network to the dummy VPN created on Android. Might fix issue with Google chrome bypassing the filter on android.
  • Introduced very basic passcode protection in order to force a passcode on android based version before getting access (dnsfilter.conf setting "passcode"
  • Some UI changes (square checkbox / added on focus color (support remote control usage, e.g. on Android TV)
  • Fixing app crash on app start on Android 4.1

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