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3 years ago
  • Improvement: Handle case when network is off (no Error Logs, No DNS switch, etc.)
  • Improvement: Filter Check against resolved IP is now configurable and disabled by default
  • Fix: Filter Check against resolved IP was not working
  • Fix: "Disabled Blocking" was silently enabled again after update (Issue #55)
  • Improvement: Limit connection count in case of slow / hanging network to avoid app crash
  • Fix: Allow plain http filter URLs on Pie and newer (regression from switch to target version Pie)
  • Fixes and improvments in remote control feature
  • Fix: Prefer WiFi DNS in case WiFi is "ON"
  • Improvement: configurable cache sizes for filter / allowed cache
  • Improvement: Added config "ipVersionSupport" for disabling IPv4 or 6

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