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Version 7.0.2

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16 months ago

7.0.2 (2021-01-20) - Security release for pySAML2 dependency

  • Add RegexSubProcessor attribute processor
  • Fix SAMLVirtualCoFrontend metadata generation
  • frontends: Deprecate the sign_alg and digest_alg configuration options on the
    saml2 frontend. Instead, use the signing_algorithm and digest_algorithm
    configuration options under the service/idp configuration path (not under
  • backends: New backend to login with Apple ID
  • dependencies: Set minimum pysaml2 version to v6.5.0 to make sure we get a
    version patched for CVE-2021-21238 and CVE-2021-21239
  • build: Fix the CI base image
  • tests: Fix entity-category checks
  • docs: Document the sub_hash_salt configuration for the OIDC frontend
  • examples: Add entityid_endpoint to the saml backend and frontend
  • examples: Fix the SAMLVirtualCoFrontend example configuration

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