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Version 7.0.0

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23 months ago

7.0.0 (2020-06-09)

  • Make the AuthnContextClassRefs available through the context
  • Extend YAML parsing to understand the !ENV and !ENVFILE tags, that read
    values or file contents from the environment
  • Add satosa.yaml module to handle YAML parsing
  • BREAKING: Remove previously deprecated configuration options:
    • hash: use the hasher micro-service instead
    • USER_ID_HASH_SALT: use the hasher micro-service instead
  • BREAKING: Remove previously deprecated classes:
    • SAMLInternalResponse: use satosa.internal.InternalData instead
    • InternalRequest: use satosa.internal.InternalData instead
    • InternalResponse: use satosa.internal.InternalData instead
    • UserIdHashType: use the hasher micro-service instead
    • UserIdHasher: use the hasher micro-service instead
  • BREAKING: Remove previously deprecated functions:
    • hash_attributes: use the hasher micro-service instead
    • oidc_subject_type_to_hash_type: use satosa.internal.InternalData.subject_type directly
    • saml_name_id_format_to_hash_type: use satosa.internal.InternalData.subject_type directly
    • hash_type_to_saml_name_id_format: use satosa.internal.InternalData.subject_type directly
  • BREAKING: Remove previously deprecated modules:
    • src/satosa/
  • BREAKING: Remove previously deprecated properties of the saml2.internal.InternalData class:
    • name_id: use use subject_id instead,
    • user_id: use subject_id instead,
    • user_id_hash_type: use subject_type instead,
    • approved_attributes: use attributes instead,
  • The cookie is now a session-cookie; To have the the cookie removed
    immediately after use, the CONTEXT_STATE_DELETE configuration option should
    be set to True
  • Create dedicated module to handle the proxy version
  • Set the logger to log to stdout on DEBUG level by default
  • Cleanup code around the wsgi calls
  • micro-services: separate core from micro-services; drop checks for
    micro-services order; drop references to the Consent and AccountLinking
  • micro-services: generate a random name for the pool name when REUSABLE client
    strategy is used for the ldap-attribute-store micro-service.
  • docs: improve example proxy configuration
  • docs: minor fixes/typos/etc
  • build: update CI to use Travis-CI stages
  • build: run tests for Python3.8
  • build: tag docker image by commit, branch, PR number, version and "latest"

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