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Version 4.5.0

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2 years ago

4.5.0 (2019-11-05)

  • add options in samlofrontend to encrypt assertion from AuthnResponse
  • use saml2.extension.mdui in place of saml2.extension.ui
  • improve log handling
  • remove logging around state-cookie loading
  • print the absolute path of the configuration when failing to read it
  • error out if no backend or frontend is configured
  • frontends: oidc: support extra_scopes
  • frontends: SAMLVirtualCoFrontend: add attribute scope
  • backends: orcid: add state parameter to authorization request
  • backends: orcid: fix read address attribute
  • backends: orcid: fix authorization token header
  • backends: bitbucket: new oauth2 backend
  • backends: facebook: add more configuration options
  • micro-services: improve the ldap_attribute_store
  • build: refactor the docker script
  • build: improve travis stages for new releases
  • docs: add sequence diagrams for SAML-to-SAML flow
  • docs: improve configuration docs
  • docs: improve micro-service docs
  • misc: correct typos

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