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Version 4.0.0

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2 years ago

4.0.0 (2019-07-09)

  • Remove the warning filter; users must set the filter themselves
  • Refactor internal data representation
    • Deprecate satosa.internal_data module
    • Use satosa.internal module
    • Store the NameID value as satosa.internal.InternalData.subject_id
    • Store the NameID nameid-format as satosa.internal.InternalData.subject_type
  • Deprecate hash configuration option set in internal attributes
  • Deprecate USER_ID_HASH_SALT configuration option
  • Remove attribute hashing
  • Deprecate UserIdHasher classes
  • Deprecate UserIdHashType enum
  • Support SAML NameID nameid-format emailAddress and unspecified
  • Accept authn response with no NameID element
  • Reset state after cookie decryption failure
  • Add API to load data in Context object
  • Add initial eIDAS support
  • Support memoization of IdP selection when using MDQ
  • plugins: Warn when AssertionConsumerService binding is HTTP-Redirect in the saml2 backend
  • plugins: Add SAMLUnsolicitedFrontend frontend
  • plugins: Add SAMLVirtualCoFrontend frontend
  • plugins: Add extra_scopes configuration to support multiple scopes
  • plugins: Use the latest pyop version
  • plugins: Add primary identifier micro-service
  • plugins: Misc fixes and improvents for LDAP attribute store micro-service
  • plugins: Add verify_ssl option to OIDC backend
  • plugins: Add hasher micro-service
  • plugins: Add support in frontend for common domain cookie
  • plugins: Add Ping frontend
  • plugins: Fixes for the account linking micro-service
  • tests: Misc improvements
  • tests: Use latest pytest
  • build: Set supported python versions to py35 py36 py37 and pypy3
    • Dropped support for py34
  • build: Set minimum supported pysaml2 version
  • docs: Instructions to use with Apache and mod_wsgi
  • docs: Add satosa-users mailing list information
  • docs: Add ui_info in example configs
  • docs: Add GÉANT contribution notice
  • docs: Misc typos and improvements

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