github IdentityPython/SATOSA v3.3.0

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5 years ago


  • SATOSA, through upgraded pysaml2, now supports an MDQ server as metadata source.
  • The publish_metadata SAML plugin configuration parameter has been removed due to incorrect functionality.


  • OpenIDConnectFrontend now specifies which attributes it will release for a request. This allows the consent micro service to filter the incoming attributes before displaying only the relevant attributes to the user for approval.
  • The metadata generation script will not write empty frontend SAML metadata.
  • SAMLFrontend will respect the NameID format from the NameID policy in SP's metadata if the authentication request does not contain a NameID policy.


  • OpenIDConnectFrontend has been refactored to allow for easier subclassing.
  • SATOSA will fail on startup if any plugin configuration file can't be loaded.
  • Minor updates in the documentation for clarity.

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