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Icinga PowerShell Plugins v1.12.0

26 days ago

1.12.0 (2024-03-26)


  • #375 Fixes a memory leak on the Icinga EventLog provider for fetching Windows EventLog information
  • #384 Adds new data provider for Invoke-IcingaCheckProcess and extends functionality by adding a new 'ExcludeProcess' argument
  • #386 Adds new provider for Invoke-IcingaCheckEventLog, to improve performance and fix memory leaks


  • #288 Adds support to Invoke-IcingaCheckPartitionSpace to define mandatory partitions which should always be present
  • #366 Adds support to Invoke-IcingaCheckCPU to report top CPU consuming process information as well as a switch to change the overall load from average to sum
  • #378 Adds support for Invoke-IcingaCheckService to change the output for not found services from UNKNOWN to OK, WARNING or CRITICAL instead

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