github ITotalJustice/patches 11.0.0-0.16.0p2
Supports HOS firmware 11.0.0 and AMS 0.16.0-p2

  • Hekate and fusee patches for HOS 11.0.0

    • if hekate fs patches are not loading homebrew NSP's like Tinfoil and helltaker, you may need to boot with the atmosphere payload fusee-primary.bin, guide: The hekate/fss0 ini patches might not be working for fs on latest, I would suggest using the normal atmosphere payload to boot if it's causing issues, guide to adding fusee-primary to hekate's options.

    • new hekate fs patches added Dec. 4th

  • includes hekate loader patches for AMS 0.16.0-p2

  • fusee patches have loader patches for AMS 0.16.0-p2

  • a new Atmosphere (pre) release build may require new loader patches.

latest releases: 11.0.1-0.18.1, 11.0.1-0.18.0, 11.0.1-0.17.1...
3 months ago