github IRkernel/IRkernel 0.8.6

  • [#441] support inspect_request (Alt+)
  • [#452] support readline and getPass
  • [983ab601a65f22ff4f1224474a2fe14cadefb122] Render math in the pager (For help pages. Try it on a math-heavy page: ?rWishart)
  • [7671bea12170a5b819b7c1c3d94610b93e54ddd2] Use instead of Ctrl for the insert-pipe-operator shortcut (see release 0.7 for the introduction to kernel.js)
  • [2cbca59f7e513dc684781b8480c675bcd135a0d0] Support only jupyter (since having only a newer IPython version installed leads to confusing error messages)
latest releases: 1.1.1, 1.1, 0.8.12...
3 years ago