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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.9.0

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2 years ago

IBM Cloud Terraform Provider for Terraform version 0.12.x


  • data/ibm_is_instances: Support for ibm_is_instances (#1454)
  • data/ibm_is_instance: Support for ibm_is_instance (#1454)


  • resource: Support ibm_function_action, ibm_function_package, ibm_function_trigger, ibm_function_rule resources for IAM and CF based namespace (#837)
    Note - The provider level argument function_namespace is deprecated.The namespace is a required argument part of the function resources. The users need to update the templates to add the namespace argument to function resources.

  • resource: Support update of adding additional zones to VPC cluster and worker pool resource (#1546)

  • Support update_all_workers flag to control the update of workers for VPC clusters (#1681)

  • resource: Support extension attribute for ibm_resource_instance (#1686)

  • resource: Support dashboard_url attributes for ibm_resource_instance (#1682)

  • resource: Support for update of key_protect_key parameter in ibm_database (#1622)

  • Support for resource synchronization of private dns permitted network (#1674)

  • data/ibm_resource_instance: Support guid attribute for ibm_resource_instance datasource (#1724)

  • resource: Support label argument for default worker pool ibm_container_cluster (#775)


  • ibm_cis_domain_settings does not allow for Standard plans (#1623)

  • Fix the update of attachment of public gateway to VPC subnet (#1626)

  • Fix RHCOS via ibm_pi_instance timeout waiting for networ (#1620)

  • Fix Gateway enabled cluster recreated on every apply (#1706)

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