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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.7.1

latest releases: v1.51.0, v1.51.0-beta0, v1.50.0...
2 years ago


  • resource/ibm_cis_domain_settings: Support additional domain settings (#1475)
  • resource/resource_ibm_certificate_manager_order: Added key_algorithm to order certificate in CMS (#1512)
  • data/ibm_is_vpc: Add zone name to data source vpc.subnets outputs (#1450)


  • docs: Add documentation for is_instance and is_security_groups( #1522)
  • data/ibm_is_vpc: Regression on vpc_source_addresses support (#1530)
  • data/ibm_container_vpc_cluster: container_vpc_cluster fails for OCP VPC cluster with ALB error (#1528)
  • resource/ibm_iam_access_group_dynamic_rule : Fix dynamic Rule returning wrong resource (#1535)
  • resource/ibm_is_image: Fix the nil pointer exception for is image (#1540)

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