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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.7.0

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2 years ago


  • resource/ibm_cis_rate_limit: Support for CIS Rate Limiting ( #1271)
  • data/ibm_cis_rate_limit: Support for CIS Rate Limiting ( #1271)


  • resource/ibm_is_security_group_rule: Gen1-Security Group Rule fix: allow 'Any' type for ICMP, TCP, UDP ( #1499)
  • resource/ibm_dns_resource_record : Changes to lock resource record id and zone id ( #1430)
  • resource/ibm_is_vpc: Resource level Timeout updation and docs for vpc resources (is_vpc, is_vpc_route, is_vpn_gateway, is_vpn_gateway_connection )( #1442)
  • resource/ibm_is_vpn_gateway: Fix for deletion of VPN gateway( #1495)
  • resource/ibm_private_dns: Fix for provisioning of private dns resource records( #1476)
  • data/source_ibm_is_subnets: Fix for ibm_is_subnets output duplicates( #1500)

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