github IBM-Cloud/terraform-provider-ibm v1.50.0

latest releases: v1.51.0, v1.51.0-beta0
one month ago


  • Support for Virtual Private Cloud
    • DataSources
      • ibm_is_backup_policy_job
      • ibm_is_backup_policy_jobs


  • Updates to tekton-pipeline support resources and datasource (4235)
  • Git PAT support for continous delivery (4276)
  • made name optional to allow create_before_destroy for VPC network acl (4289)
  • Remove certificate manager service support (4290)
  • add optional secondary storage fields to IKS cluster and workerpool (4255)
  • Refactor of auto_scaling to use cloud-databases-go-sdk instead of the bluemix-go sdk (4218)
  • update tags from globaltags to search API (4314)


  • add ForceNew tag to OS fields (4279)
  • warning state in pending list, WARN logs about warning and critical states of cluster (4283)
  • vpc address prefix and subnet doc fix (4262)
  • Schematics managing schematics fails after creation (4132)
  • Fix ibm_appid_cloud_directory_user missing userName (4284)
  • fix: documentation fix for ibm_cm_object resource (4297)

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