github IBM-Cloud/terraform-provider-ibm v1.49.0-beta0

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3 months ago


  • Support for Catalog Management
    • DataSources
      • ibm_cm_preset
      • ibm_cm_object
    • Resources
      • ibm_cm_object
  • Support for Virtual Private Cloud
    • Resources
      • ibm_is_instance_network_interface_floating_ip


  • Create and Delete Logical Replication Slots for databases-for-postgresql (4116)
  • Remove bluemix-go dependency for cloud-database allowlist (4222)
  • Removed usage of direct tags API for retrieving tags using resource CRN (4209)
  • Support resource_group_id as optional argument for catalogs (4224)
  • Fix the last operation as per new SDK for resource controller (4228)
  • Support access_tags for VPC, DedicatedHost, Image, Instance, SSHKey, Network, Instance Group, VPN Server and Bare Metal Server
  • Support for transit gateway unbound gre tunnel connections (4213)
  • Support user_mfa , system_access_token_expiration_in_seconds, system_refresh_token_expiration_in_seconds arguments for account settings (4221)
  • Added removal notification in docs for ibm_is_security_group_network_interface_attachment (4232)
  • wait for virtual endpoint gateway to be available after creation (4206)
  • Support filters in vpc service data sources (4119)
  • Removed direct call to tagging API to retrieve single resource tags (4210)
  • Support auto delete for vpc vsi boot volume (4191)
  • Support VPC Volume creation from Snapshot (4245)
  • Support for catalog images for VPC instance template (4249)


  • Dont set python for IBM Satellite host attachment (4226)
  • [ibm_container_vpc_cluster ] wait_till = "Normal" does not work (4214)
  • fix doc for ibmcloud cli command for Schematics (4243)
  • change from fixed to to append new line to slice (4239)
  • Added security group target list for supported resources (4247)

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