github IBM-Cloud/terraform-provider-ibm v1.47.0-beta2

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5 months ago

NOTE Don't use 1.47.0-beta1 version it fails with checksum error.


  • Support for DirectLink
    • DataSources
      • ibm_dl_route_reports
      • ibm_dl_route_report
    • Resource
      • ibm_dl_route_report


  • supported CoreOS-enabled clusters (default worker pool) and workerPools in satellite clusters (3985)
  • support cos one rate plan (4092)
  • Fix GRE tunnel in cloud connection (4093)
  • support floating_bare_metal_server attribute for resource ibm_is_bare_metal_server_network_interface_allow_float (4115)
  • added support for catalog images for enterprises (3994)


  • data source: ibm_is_backup_policies, expected 'the empty list', but returned 'no BackupPolicies found' (4079)
  • Add fix for storage capacity & system pool output (4074)
  • fixes the endpoint; updates go sdk for Atracker (4073)
  • fix(vpn_gateway_connection): adding support to null patch ike_policy and ipsec_policy on vpn_gateway_connection (4058)
  • fix(bare_metal_server_network_interface_allow_float) : reordered the wait logic in bare metal nics (4101)
  • Update VNF Scalability NIC in docs (4047)
  • fix(iam-access-groups): added retry logic for access groups read (4098)
  • ibm_satellite_attach_host_script shows incorrect syntax for labels (4099)

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