github IBM-Cloud/terraform-provider-ibm v1.27.2

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20 months ago


  • Support vpc_name attribute in ibm_is_subnet datasource (#2783)

  • Support authentication_key in Direct Link Gateway resource and datasource (#2792)

  • Support pi_affinity_policy, pi_affinity_volume and pi_affinity_instance for PI Volume (#2800)

  • Support pi_migratable argument for ibm_pi_instance resource and deprecate migratable (#2801)

  • Support pi_storage_type argument for ibm_pi_instance resource (#2797)

  • Added a fix to skip instance volumes setting in ibm_is_instance resource (#2798)


  • Fix the documentation for ibm_is_lb_listener (#2790)

  • Fix the documentation for ibm_cr_namespaces and ibm_cr_retention_policy (#2821)

  • Fix the documentation for ibm_kms_key_alias (#2825)

  • Remove the guides folder from website docs (#2833)

  • Fix: Panics on Import (#2585)

  • Fix host script for GCP (#2802)

  • Fix: Resource group crash for no default resource group (#2809)

  • Fix Detach targets before deleting security group (#2723)

  • Fix ibm_database datasource for different instances with same name (#2817)

  • Fix: pi_public_network datasource crash (#2801)

  • Fix: added failure check and tainting on failure for ibm_is_instance (#2812)

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