github IBM-Cloud/terraform-provider-ibm v1.27.0

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21 months ago


  • Support VPC network rules
    • Resources
      • ibm_is_network_acl_rule
    • DataSources
      • ibm_is_network_acl_rule
  • Support CIS filter
    • Resources
      • ibm_cis_filter
    • DataSources
      • ibm_cis_filters


  • Support install_plan, channel and wait_until_successful arguments in ibm_cm_offering_instance resource (#2745)

  • Support provisioning of VPC images from source_volume (#2682)

  • Support filters to filter the VPC resources sshkeys, subnets, images, subnet, instances

  • Support hard_quota argument for ibm_cos_bucket resource (#2756)

  • Add support creating gre tunnel connections on a transit gateway (#2700)

  • Support service roles in iam_role_actions (#2746)

  • Add retry to download the cluster config (#2743)

  • Add save to file feature to apikeys resource (#2775)

  • Migrate: Service Id resource to Platform-go-SDK (#2560)


  • Bug fix for Retrieving Policy with Key (#2730)

  • Fixed resource_tag crn validation issue (#2749)

  • Fix the updated of kube version for ROKS cluster (#2754)

  • Fix Documentation error for ibm_cis_rate_limit match.request.methods (#2764)

  • Fix ibm_cis_rate_limit Error: cis_id or zone_id not passed but it was passed in (#2770)

  • Fix the doc formats for VPC, Calssic Infrastructure services

  • Add doc link to role definition in IAM policy resources (#2751)

  • Plugin crashes if import is attempted without API Key being set (#2729)

  • wrong resource name in the doc link for ibm_iam_api_key (#2736)

  • Couldn't able to delete the Service Policy (#2703)

  • Fix the ibm_kms_key resources for private endpoint URL (#2731)

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