github IBM-Cloud/terraform-provider-ibm v1.24.0

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23 months ago


  • Support VPC instance disk management
    • Resources
      • ibm_is_instance_disk_management
    • DataSources
      • ibm_is_instance_disk
      • ibm_is_instance_disks


  • Support resize of VPC instance (#2448)
  • Support Load balancer Parameter based routing (#2518)
  • Support horizontal scaling on database with new arguments node_count, node_memory_allocation_mb, node_disk_allocation_mb, node_cpu_allocation_count (#2313)
  • Support request_metrics_enabled for COS Bucket metric monitoring (#2530)
  • Support virtual endpoint gateway as target to subnet reserved IP (#2521)


  • Creating ibm_pi_key fails everytime with context deadline exceeded (#2527)
  • Fix diff on resource key parameters (#2182)
  • Fails to create PTR records causing Terraform crash (#2535)
  • Fix crash for VPC instance group manager (#2554)
  • VPC network ACL rule ICMP does not set type (#2559)
  • Conflict with exec.image and exec.code/exec.code_path (can't use custom docker images) (#2556)

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