github IBM-Cloud/terraform-provider-ibm v1.23.2

latest releases: v1.52.0-beta0, v1.51.0, v1.51.0-beta0...
23 months ago


  • Add support for COS retention policy (#1880)
  • Add support for private_address for VPN gateway (#2282)
  • List all certificates in a certificate manager instance (#2358)
  • Enhance description for attribute reference (#2475)
  • Add support for regional ca-tor COS bucket (#2483)


  • Fix the broken links for classic infrastructure bare metal (#2481)
  • Fix cis primary certificate crash (#2490)
  • Fix ibm_satellite_location: cannot specify resource group (#2499)
  • Fix ibm_satellite_location resource doesn't work correctly to ensure that resource is created / deleted appropriately (#2497)
  • Fix invalid example for ibm_iam_account_settings (#2484)
  • Fix the documentiaon for VPC reserved IP (#2512)

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