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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.21.1

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2 years ago


  • The (and future releases) - is signed & notarized as per Apple MacOS requirements
  • In the future release (from 1.23.x), the following changes will be enforced (kindly update your CI/CD automation)
    • will be stopped, use
    • will be stopped, use
    • will be stopped, use
    • - is signed & notarized as per Apple MacOS requirements
    • - is signed
    • - is signed
    • Source code (zip)
    • Source code (tar.gz)
    • terraform-provider-ibm_x.y.z_SHA256SUMS
    • terraform-provider-ibm_x.y.z_SHA256SUMS.sig


  • Support sort argument for IAM service policies and IAM user policies (#2227)

  • Support default_routing_table attribute for VPC resource and datasource (#2286)

  • Support logging argument for VPC load balancer (#2228)

  • Add transactionID for IAM authentication error messages (#2304)


  • Fix the provision of instance template with boot volume (#2205)

  • Fix ibm_resource_key is not tainted by change to role (#2182)

  • Fix ibm_cis, ibm_database, ibm_resource_instance not tainted by change to resource groupID (#2297)

  • Fix ibm_container_addons resource not detecting version change (#2295)

  • Fix error when trying to use data source ibm_container_cluster for existing lite IKS (#2300)

  • Fix can't create Cloud Functions Actions that are larger than 4mb by adding new argument code_path (#1795)

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